Yuba Kombi Cargo Bike Review: Features, Ratings, Price

Yuba Kombi Review

Yuba Kombi Cargo Bike Review: Features, Ratings, Price – The Yuba Kombi is a classic longtail cargo bike designed primarily for transporting passengers. It features a comfortable bench seat, sturdy double safety rails, and footboards, making it ideal for carrying children in the rear.

The bike can also accommodate adults, with a maximum rear load capacity of up to 100 kg. However, the somewhat compact seat length, in addition to the small wheel size, may be limiting.

The critical factor to consider is the 20 kg weight limit behind the rear wheel axle, which can be reached quickly due to the short rear section of the bike.

With optional bags that can also be secured to the footboards, the Kombi is suitable for carrying groceries and other items. The optional basket further expands and complements its capabilities.

One practical feature of the Kombi is its ability to be parked upright, maximizing the use of small parking spaces.

Familiar Riding Experience

Yuba Kombi Cargo Bike Review
© BVA BikeMedia – The bench seat provides space for both small and larger passengers.

Sitting behind the curved, adjustable handlebars, you’ll find a comfortable position for city commuting and touring. The front end handles like a traditional bicycle, providing an intuitive riding experience.

Despite the livelier 24-inch wheels in the rear, the extended rear section of the bike imparts noticeable stability to the ride. Thanks to its robust construction, the high-capacity rear is responsive and quick.

The relatively unknown chain gearing system performs reliably and responsively. The brakes are well-sized for the bike’s weight. However, with weight placed flat on the rear (30 kg, with less than 20 kg behind the axle), there is a higher center of gravity that can destabilize the front end.

Only significant weight shifting or additional cargo (in this case, 8 kg in the basket) brings stability and increased safety. Even a load of 2×25 kg on the footboards has minimal impact.

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Yuba Kombi: Technical Details and Information

Price2039 euros
Payload (rider and cargo)193.4kg
Frame types and sizesOne size fits all; Rider height: 150 – 185 cm

Yuba Kombi Features

FrameHiTen steel
ForkCrMo steel
GearingS-Ride derailleur gear, 1×9 gears
Gear Ratio2.18 – 7.13 m
WheelHubs: Alloy Disc; Rims: Alloy Double Wall, 36 holes
TiresKenda, 24″, 58mm
BrakesMechanical Disc Tektro Aries, 180/180 mm
cockpitStem: Zoom, adjustable; Handlebar: Zoom Cruiser; Grips: Velo Ergo Grip
SaddleVelo Comfort
Lighting systemSpanninga/Spanninga Duxo XB
Additional FeaturesFront Carrier: Yuba Bread Basket; Double Safety Rails; Stand: Yuba Stand Together; Fenders: Aluminum, Powder-Coated; Frame Lock

Yuba Kombi Review: Conclusion

Yuba Kombi Cargo Bike Review
© BVA BikeMedia – The weight limits are clearly visible on the frame.

In summary, the Yuba Kombi presents itself as a versatile and robust longtail cargo bike, purpose-built for family use and urban transportation. It caters to those seeking an eco-friendly alternative for everyday commuting and errands, especially when the need to transport passengers or cargo arises.

One of its notable strengths lies in its adaptability. The Kombi boasts a comfortable bench seat and well-constructed double safety rails, making it particularly suitable for transporting children.

This design feature not only promotes family bonding during rides but also encourages a healthier, more sustainable mode of transport for daily activities.

However, there are some aspects that potential buyers should consider. The Kombi’s compact seat length and smaller wheel size may pose limitations for some users. Additionally, its weight distribution requires careful attention.

The 20 kg weight limit behind the rear wheel axle can be reached quickly due to the bike’s shorter rear section. This means that achieving balance and stability, particularly with heavy loads, becomes crucial for a smooth riding experience.

On the road, the Kombi offers a familiar and comfortable ride. The adjustable handlebars and traditional bicycle-like front end provide an intuitive riding experience, making it an excellent choice for city commuting and leisurely tours.

Despite the livelier 24-inch wheels in the rear, the bike maintains stability, thanks to its robust construction.

The Kombi’s relatively unknown chain gearing system performs reliably, ensuring a smooth transition between its nine gears. The well-sized brakes contribute to rider safety, allowing for controlled stops even when carrying substantial cargo.

In terms of practicality, the Kombi doesn’t disappoint. It can be enhanced with optional bags, which can also be secured to the footboards, making it suitable for grocery shopping and other errands.

The optional basket further expands its versatility. Moreover, its ability to be parked upright is a significant advantage, allowing users to make the most of limited parking space in urban settings.

In conclusion, the Yuba Kombi stands as a compact, sturdy, and family-friendly longtail cargo bike that blends seamlessly into everyday life. While it rides much like a regular bicycle, its unique design and features make it a compelling choice for eco-conscious individuals and families who value practicality, adaptability, and an active lifestyle.

The Kombi is not without its challenges, such as its weight distribution, but with careful consideration and responsible cargo management, it can provide a reliable and enjoyable mode of transportation for urban dwellers.

The Yuba Kombi is a compact and robust longtail cargo bike designed for family use. It rides like a regular bicycle but struggles with a high rear-weight center.

  • Pros: Upright parking; compatible with car bike racks; very comfortable tires.
  • Cons: Heavy; high rear-weight center affects stability negatively.

Interested in the Yuba Kombi? For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website.

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