Simplon Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle: Lightweight E-MTB Review

Simplon Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle

Simplon Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle: Lightweight E-MTB Review – Surprisingly, as luck would have it, colleagues simultaneously tested a Simplon Rapcon as a “Biobike” alongside our lightweight e-MTB review.

Similar, if not identical features and the same paint job. Placed side by side, the two bikes are only distinguishable when looked at closely. The motor on the Simplon Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle is barely visible, and the battery in the downtube is entirely hidden.

One can spot the small control switch on the handlebar and the tiny display on the top tube. Even the elegantly covered charging port is hardly noticeable – it’s all beautifully designed.

The Rapcon is available in two suspension travel options: As an All-Mountain with 150 millimeters at the front and rear and as an Enduro. Combining, as our test bike did, a 165-millimeter rear suspension with a 170-millimeter fork.

Several base equipment packages are also available, which can be highly customized in Simplon’s modular system. This is evident in our test bike, the Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle: suspension components, wheels, seat post with seat, and brakes have been upgraded.

This reduces the weight and partially improves performance, though the price increases accordingly.

Exquisite Detailing

Simplon Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle: Lightweight E-MTB Review
© Jens Scheibe – With the Simplon Rapcon PMax TQ, you can really let loose.

The carbon frame is of high quality. Simplon has kept the seat tube very short, allowing room for a long-travel dropper post. Shorter riders who prefer a long reach can potentially opt for a larger frame and still have a significant standover height. For optimal performance, the length of the chainstays varies with each frame size.

As expected from Simplon, exquisite details are evident, like the protectors on the chainstay and downtube or the cable routing on the swingarm.

The Rapcon has a pleasant length, and the steep seat angle allows the rider to pedal efficiently, ensuring ample pressure on the handlebar. With the Simplon, one can confidently tackle steep inclines. The TQ motor offers noticeable support. On the test bike, it wasn’t set to full throttle, which we adjusted in the accompanying app – it’s clear and easy to use.

Riding with the TQ feels very natural, although the thrust it generates is nominally lower than some other drives. However, we’re impressed with the drive’s character, the sleek ergonomic control unit, and the clear display. It feels very natural, responds quickly to load changes, and is pleasantly quiet.

Suspension with Reserves

Simplon Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle: Lightweight E-MTB Review
© BVA BikeMedia – The Fox shock absorber is among the configured upgrades.

A wide, comfortably shaped handlebar complements the slender character of the Simplon. It demonstrates healthy agility on curvy, intricate paths, feeling like a “regular” bike. When the terrain gets rough, the suspension showcases its capabilities.

Minor impacts are smoothly absorbed by the suspension, and it handles major ones, and the occasional harder landing, with confidence.

The tires, a Big Betty at the rear and a Magic Mary at the front, are from Schwalbe. Both are generously sized, with the super-soft compound of the front tire maximizing its grip on the terrain, enhancing safety.

The Simplon excels in all scenarios, standing out both uphill and downhill among the strong Enduros in the test field. The GX Eagle ensures crisp, precise gear shifts, and the upgraded Sram Code RSC brakes are not only feature-rich but also have a comfortable grip, provide fine-tuned modulation, and deliver powerful braking when needed.

Technical Details and Information

  • Price: 10,649 Euros
  • Weight: 19.93 kg (w/o pedals)


  • Material/Size: Carbon, S, M, L, XL
  • Rear Suspension Travel: 165 mm


  • Fork: Fox 38 Float Factory, 170 mm
  • Shock: Fox DHX2 Factory


  • Motor: TQ HPR 50, 50 Nm
  • Display: TQ HPR 50 V1 + Remote
  • Battery: TQ HPR 50, 360 Wh


  • Gears: Sram GX1 Eagle, 12-speed
  • Brakes: Sram Code RSC, 4-piston, 220/200 mm
  • Wheels: DT Swiss HX 1700 LS
  • Tires F/R: Schwalbe: Magic Mary Addix Ultra Soft, 29“ x 2.4’’/Big Betty Addix Soft, 29″ x 2.4″
  • Handlebar: Simplon Carbon Riser, 800 mm
  • Stem: Simplon Zero 2, 35 mm
  • Seat Post: Kind Shock Rage-I, Travel: 150 mm
  • Seat: Selle Italia SLR X-Cross

Simplon Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle Review: Conclusion

Simplon Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle: Lightweight E-MTB Review
© BVA BikeMedia – The compact TQ drive and an elegantly routed brake line.

The world of E-Enduros is rapidly evolving, with brands vying to create bikes that offer the best combination of performance, agility, and durability. In this competitive landscape, the Rapcon PMax TQ stands out as a testament to Simplon’s commitment to quality and innovation.

One of the defining features of the Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle is its lightweight design. This isn’t just a nod to convenience; it directly impacts the bike’s performance. A lighter bike means easier maneuverability, especially in challenging terrains, making those uphill climbs feel less daunting and downhill descents more exhilarating.

Furthermore, the bike’s handling is exemplary. Whether you’re navigating tight turns, rocky paths, or simply cruising on a straight trail, the Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle ensures a smooth, controlled ride. This balance between weight and handling ensures that riders don’t have to compromise on either front.

Another standout feature is the bike’s downhill potential. Downhill biking is all about speed, control, and the thrill of the descent. The Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle delivers on all these fronts, ensuring that riders can experience the full thrill of downhill biking with the confidence that their bike has got their back.

However, what truly sets the Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle apart is that its downhill prowess doesn’t come at the expense of its climbing abilities. Uphill biking requires power, stamina, and a bike that can support the rider during those challenging climbs. The Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle rises to the occasion, making uphill biking feel less like a challenge and more like an adventure.

The Simplon Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle isn’t just another E-Enduro; it’s a statement. A statement of quality, performance, and an unmatched biking experience. If you’re in the market for an E-Enduro that delivers on all fronts, the Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle should be at the top of your list.

Interested in the Simplon Rapcon PMax TQ GX Eagle? Find more information on the manufacturer’s website.

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