Flyer Goroc TR:X: First Riding Impressions of the New Pinion Motor

Flyer Goroc TR:X with Pinion Motor

Flyer Goroc TR:X: First Riding Impressions of the New Pinion Motor – Pinion had a problem for many years: Their high-quality, extremely spread bottom bracket gear was rather niche in the e-bike. The reason: It cannot be combined with a mid-mounted motor—until now. The Swabians have developed their own motor-gearbox unit. We have already test-ridden the world’s first, the Flyer Goroc TR:X.

The Goroc TR:X stands glittering in gold in the high-altitude sun of the Upper Engadine. In front of the striking silhouette of the Piz Ot, we try out the world’s first Flyer in its home country of Switzerland. At first glance, the full-suspension SUV looks quite unspectacular, apart from the confident color.

However, the bike, a successor to the successful Goroc X, is a completely new development. The wheelbase has been lengthened to place the driver in the center of the wheel rather than on top.

The Flyer Goroc TR:X is equipped with Pinion's new MGU
© Flyers – The Flyer Goroc TR:X is equipped with Pinion’s new MGU.

Geometry of the Goroc TR:X tends towards the motorcycle

The goal: Flyer wants to move with the geometry of the Goroc TR:X more in the direction of a vehicle and somewhat away from the classic bike. We noticed this clearly during the test ride. With this decision, the Swiss are clearly aiming in the direction of S-pedelecs, which are much more relevant in the domestic market than in Germany. One in ten e-bikes sold in Switzerland belongs to the fast group, while in Germany it is far less than one percent of all e-bikes sold.

Core of the Goroc TR:X: Pinion’s P1 motor-gearbox unit

The core of the new Flyer Goroc TR:X is the motor-gear unit, or MGU for short, from Pinion. It goes by the name Pinion E1. The Swabians have combined their 9-speed or optionally 12-speed gear shifting with a powerful electric motor.

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The dimensions and weight are only slightly higher than previous mid-mounted motors, which, however, almost always include an external gear shift, which weighs well and truly between 600 grams (the derailleur) and 1.9 kilograms (the electronic hub gears). Flyer uses the 12-speed version of the Goroc TR:X.

Goroc TR:X: Motor delivers an average of 85 Nm

The Pinion motor in the Goroc TR:X has a cumulative output of around 85 Nm. However, the torque at the rear wheel can be significantly higher, at up to 160 Nm. However, this is similar to derailleur gears. Power peaks of up to 600 watts are possible in the Pedelec 25 version. Shifting is via electronic Rapid Fire buttons. Depending on your taste, the top button switches to the heavier gear, the bottom to the lighter one, or vice versa. This can be set in the extensive app.

Practical impression: The Pinion E1.12 engine in the Goroc TR:X adapts quickly to the respective driving situation.
© Flyers – Practical impression: The Pinion E1.12 engine in the Goroc TR:X adapts quickly to the respective driving situation.

700 Wh battery, range extender is available

The battery in the Goroc TR:X releases a total of 700 Wh of electricity to the motor. A range extender with 535 Wh is also available. Pinion promises to have developed a highly efficient motor that, depending on driving style, should generate a range of well over 100 kilometers.

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Positive driving impression of the Goroc TR:X

The first driving impression of the Goroc TR:X is very positive. The engine is clearly powerful. Comparisons with well-known mid-engines are difficult to draw. Because the engine reacts a little differently. Depending on the gear engaged, the engine speed changes from more high-revving to lower speeds.

The background noise varies a bit from corridor to corridor. It’s not linear like in other engines; it’s actually individual from gear to gear.

The engine and transmission are separated by a freewheel

That has to do with the design of the Pinion. The power of the engine acts directly on the transmission and not “only” on the bottom bracket. Without an engaged support level, of which the Pinion MGU has four, the motor does not provide any additional resistance when pedaling.

The engine is separated from the gearbox by a freewheel. The motor software provides up to 400 percent more support compared to your own pedaling power. It can be individually configured in the display and battery supplier’s FIT app.

Goroc TR:X: Start-Select helps when starting

Thanks to Start-Select, the driver of the Goroc TR:X can select a starting gear, which the system automatically switches to when stopping. After a forced stop, you are quickly ready to start again. However, the gears can also be switched while stationary.

The desired cadence can be selected with the pre-select. If the drive train is in freewheel, the system adapts the selected gear to the current speed. Pinion speaks of a semi-automatic here.

Goroc TR:X with great smoothness

But how does the Goroc TR:X drive? As Flyer announced, it’s very smooth; the rider actually feels like they’re sitting in the middle of the wheel. This increases driving stability. However, it does in fact convey a driving behavior that is more typical of a motorcycle or moped than that of a bicycle.

As soon as things get a little rougher with the full suspension, we are happy about the supremely smooth running, which, in addition to the wheelbase, is also partly responsible for the full suspension. It has significant reserves, which is why Flyer also offers the bike in a mountain bike version without mudguards, a lighting system, or a luggage rack. They can then simply be clipped on using FIT’s Monkey Link system.

Pinion has combined its 9-speed or optionally 12-speed gearbox with a powerful electric motor.
© Flyers – Pinion has combined its 9-speed or optionally 12-speed gearbox with a powerful electric motor.

Upright sitting position

The seating position is comfortably upright. This benefits touring riders. In return, Flyer has made the seat angle a little steeper than on the predecessor, while at the same time reducing the reach a bit. In order to create a more central sitting feeling, the steering angle is a little flatter, and the aluminum rear triangle on the frame, which is otherwise made of carbon, is a little longer.

The Goroc TR:X is a grown-up crossover bike

All in all, the Goroc TR:X is a very mature bike for all-terrain commuters, cyclists with off-road ambitions, and touring enthusiasts who like to end their ride off-road. On trails, however, it also allows the driver to have a significant amount of childish fun.

We feel very safe on the bike in most riding situations. Only when things get really rough do the everyday add-on parts get in the way with their shaking. But we can’t get the chassis to relax.

Pinion engine and gearbox are a lot of fun

The engine in the Goroc TR:X is a real joy. It adapts to the driving situation as fast as lightning and provides more than enough power in each of the 600% spread gears. The gear changes are crisp and succeed smoothly even under absolute full load.

They do engage with a noticeable jerk, but that is more a matter of habit than a negative point. In any case, the hub is not damaged by this. Overall, the drive makes do with an oil change every 10,000 kilometers. That is already the entire maintenance effort.

Goroc TR:X with uncomplicated drivetrain

Thus, the Goroc TR:X is a whole lot of fun. The completely uncomplicated drivetrain and the long-distance-capable yet agile handling characteristics promise riding pleasure on almost any terrain. And the everyday equipment is in no way inferior, with wide splash guards, a bright lighting system, and a functional bag holder.

Prices for the Goroc TR:X start at just under 9000 euros

The Goroc TR:X weighs about 30 kilograms, with a permissible total weight of 150 kilograms. The bike is available in three Pedelec-25 and one S-Pedelec versions. Flyer offers five sizes (XS to XL). In front as well as in the rear, the chassis of the carbon-fully crossover has 130 mm of suspension travel. Prices start at around 9,000 euros.

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