Titanium Frame for the Bike: Advantages and Disadvantages

Titanium Frame for the Bike: Advantages and Disadvantages

Hardly any other material is as resistant and durable as titanium. That’s why the material used in construction comes from bicycle frame for use. We look at the advantages of a titanium frame for bicycles.

What is titanium?

Titanium is a chemical element, which is one of the light metals. With a density of 4.50 grams per cubic centimeter, the substance is at room temperature heaviest of all light metals. The metal is one of the ten most common elements in the earth’s crust, but is usually only found there in bound form with minerals and in low concentrations.

As a pure variation, the material is rare, so the raw material is usually complex from titanium iron ore or rutile is won. This makes titanium a material very expensive. When it comes to wheels, this is noticeable in terms of price. A titanium bike costs significantly more than a bike with a carbon frame, aluminum frame or steel frame.

Titanium as a material for bicycle frames

Titanium has special properties that make it an interesting raw material for the construction of bicycle frames. The Material is very durable against temperatures and corrosion and has a low density compared to other raw materials. Titanium also stretches well and brings less weight on the scales than, for example, steel. In terms of stiffness, the material is in the middle of all materials.

Bolzano, a city in northern Italy, is considered the birthplace of the titanium frame. A technician welded it there in 1982 first bicycle frame made of titanium together. Shortly afterwards, he founded Rewel Bikes, a company that still produces titanium frames for bikes entirely by hand. Another well-known company that also produces titanium bicycle frames is Van Nicholas from the Netherlands.

Thanks to its shiny white-metallic appearance, titanium is an attractive material for bicycle frame. However, titanium wheels are not made entirely of titanium. There are small amounts of other materials in the bicycle frame. Aluminum is added at three percent and vanadium at 2.5 percent to increase the strength of the frame. There is a frame available on the market Titanium alloy marked with the character string TiAl3V2.5.

Titan bikes are robust and insensitive

Bicycles with a titanium frame are stable and robust Protection against damage. Compared to an aluminum frame or carbon frame, a bicycle frame made of titanium usually survives a fall undamaged. The surface of the material is resistant to dents, cracks or scratches.

In addition, titanium does not corrode, even if road salt or sweat sticks to it. Titanium bikes are due to longer durability more stable in value, so that initially expensive investment Expect it to be resold later at a good price.

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Advantages and disadvantages of titanium frames

Bikes with a titanium frame offer strengths, but also have some weaknesses. For an overview we have each advantages and disadvantages of a titanium frame summarized in the following lists.


  • low weight
  • lighter than steel frame
  • Frame can be individually designed technically and visually
  • very high driving comfort
  • resistant and durable
  • no rusting or deterioration
  • very easy to repair
  • stable in value


  • very high purchase price
  • heavier than carbon frames or aluminum frames

The overview shows that the the advantages of a titanium frame outweigh the disadvantages. Whether a bike with such a frame is suitable depends more or less on how the bike is used.

What types of bikes are titanium frames suitable for?

Titanium tubes are available with specially shaped ones wall thicknesses. The wide range expands the area of ​​application, so that titanium frames can be used for every requirement let it be built. In practice, above all, have Racing bikes and mountain bikes about this type of bike frame.

The decisive factors for using these types of bicycles are the light weight, the flexible design and the robust properties. In addition, a titanium frame offers a driving experience that sporty cyclists on a racing bike or MTB.

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Custom made titanium bike frame

If you’re interested in a titanium frame, you can get the component for your bike produce individually let. The frame then fits your own body measurements like a tailor-made suit. And it features a design that would be unique. But even without custom-made, a titanium frame is not cheap. It costs several thousand eurosalso because there are only a few manufacturers that make such frames by hand to produce. Therefore, delivery may take some time once the frame has been ordered.

Despite overwhelming advantages and robust features, titanium frames have not yet made it to mass production. The high effort involved in production and the price are certainly the most important reasons for this.

Titanium frame or frame made of steel, aluminum or carbon?

Which bike frame is better for a racing bike or MTB depends on your requirements. All materials have their advantages, so there is no perfect bicycle frame. The choice of frame is always personally motivated and by the type of bike dependent. Others can also do this, especially for racing bikes or mountain bikes classic frame types made of carbon or aluminum can be just as good as a titanium frame – and much cheaper.

On the other side is a bike with titanium frame expensive, but the price is put into perspective over time. The bike is so sturdy that it… a life long lasts and you can drive it forever.

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