Best Cycling Clothing: Editor’s Choices

Cycling Clothing

Best Cycling Clothing – Our editors have tested a lot of accessories for cycling. Here we show you our favorite products from the category bike clothing.

Best Cycling Clothing

On our test rides with new bikes, our editors sometimes act like guinea pigs. Equipped with bike clothing and bags for testing, we set off on tour. Or we use the current test clothing for our daily commute to work because we all cycle a lot. The detailed report will then go into the magazine, and an overview of our favorites for cycling clothing can be found here.

These include the Nagano Variable jacket from the Shimano S21 collection, long-fingered gloves from Chiba (BioXCell Touring) and Chrome (Midweight Cycling Gloves), shirts with cycling motifs from Vaude and Bergmensch, as well as Fletpedal shoes, one Vaudes AM Moab Mid STX, and once the Rime Flat from Specialized.

Shimano: Nagano Variable Jacket

Best Cycling Clothing
© Shimano – Shimano collection S21 with the Nagano jacket

The new clothing line S21 for the performance area of the Japanese component and engine manufacturer Shimano is impressive! Suitable for women and men, for trail bikers and touring bikers Shimano offers bikers numerous jerseys, shorts, and jackets in various designs and cuts.

All made from the most modern functional materials. The colors are fresh and modern, and there is nothing to complain about when it comes to comfort. The jerseys, jackets, and pants can be easily and appropriately combined with other accessories from the manufacturer.

We really liked the Nagano Variable Jacket. She has what it takes to be a favorite. Not only is it windproof, but it is also slightly water-repellent. At the same time, the fabric is also breathable. The hood is helmet-compatible, and the pack size is minimal. The price-performance ratio is right for the collection.

The Nagano Variable Jacket is available in sizes S to 3XL and in several colors. The price is 159 euros.

Chiba BioXCell Touring Gloves: Everything Under Control

Best Cycling Clothing
© Sebastian Boehm – The Chiba BioXCell Touring is a great long finger glove.

High-quality cycling gloves ensure grip. Can they also prevent hand problems? An interesting pair in the everyday test.

For control on the grip as well as on the shift and brake levers, Chiba uses super-thin yet durable synthetic leather on the palm. In the area of the index finger and thumb, it is provided with a rubber application for maximum grip, which also allows the use of smartphones.

When it comes to comfort, the proven BioXCell upholstery is used. The anatomically carefully placed gel cushions relieve the ulnar nerve and carpal tunnel, effectively delaying or even preventing numbness or the fingers falling asleep. The heat management is very pleasant thanks to the thin, elastic, and air-permeable material between the fingers and on the back of the hand.

A large trimming on the thumb is incorporated for wiping sweat. Nice detail: The gloves can be clipped together via the Easy-Clip, for example, to dry. Simply put it in the washing machine at 30 degrees for care. The Touring is available in six sizes and three colors for 45 euros.

Conclusion: With the BioXCell Touring, Chiba impressively proves that gloves can do more than just look good. The details and, above all, the ergonomic approach are convincing.

Specialized Rime Flat: Bike & Hike

Best Cycling Clothing
© Sebastian Boehm – With the Rime, Specialized has a great flat pedal shoe on offer.

Most shoes are designed for hiking or biking. The Rime breaks with this and wants to combine both. The sole construction is divided into three parts and has a non-slip surface. Not rubber compound: The rear area provides traction when walking downhill, the middle part has a more classic bicycle flat shoe area for optimal interlocking with the pedal, and the front third provides sure-footedness uphill.

Since the middle and rear areas of the sole construction are stiffer, good power transmission on the pedal is guaranteed. On the other hand, the rounded heel area and the softer forefoot area allow for easy rolling behavior when walking. A midsole made of EVA foam guarantees good shock absorption on the pedals and high comfort off the bike. The ergonomically designed BodyGeometry insole offers good foot support.

The wearer’s comfort is excellent thanks to the large mesh inserts and the XPEL material. The feet can perspire well and stay dry longer, which also effectively prevents blisters on long tours. The upper material is seamless, is welded over the entire surface, and therefore comes across as very classy. Details such as the pull-on aid on the heel, the lace holder, and a reinforced toe box round off the overall package. A pair of 46s weighs 876 grams. The Rime is available in black, as shown, for 129.90 euros.

Conclusion: Whether in everyday life, on tour, or crossing the Alps, the Rime has been able to endure everything without complaining while offering a lot of safety and comfort. The fact that he also looks damn good at the same time is fitting. A real favorite shoe!

Bike T-Shirts for “Conviction Offenders”

Best Cycling Clothing
© Claus Tews – Bike shirts with a clear statement

The metaler has his band shirt, the sports fan has his jersey, and the bike enthusiast? Well, his bike t-shirt They are also available with clear statements. “The E stands for first! Bergmensch prints funny sayings on his colorful T-shirts for e-bikers, garnished with the right motifs. The shirts are available in many colors and in sizes S to 4XL. Plus hoodies, jackets, accessories—everything for men, women, and children.

Vaude keeps it a bit simpler: motifs with bicycles, without a lot of frills. The t-shirts have the green button and are fair-wear certified. They are available for men and women in different colors and sizes, from S to 3XL. Some initiatives, such as the “bicycle fanatics” Gerrit Hencke and Götz Bonsen, also have shirts with statements in their range, such as the transformation shirt, in which a car turns into a bike with the slogan #autocorrection. Colorful, clear, and distinct.

The shirts are available in sizes S to 2XL. Conclusion: A colorful sign for the hobby—even off the saddle!

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Chrome: Gloves for Autumn and Winter

Best Cycling Clothing
© Claus Tews – Perfect for spring and fall: the Midweight Cycling Gloves by Chrome.

Autumn and spring in particular tend to cause cold fingers for commuters and hobby drivers. Chrome’s Midweight Cycling Gloves are made for these seasons. The gloves with their elegant look, consist of several layers: protective nylon on the outside, non-slip, soft synthetic leather on the grip surface, an insulating and moisture-regulating lining, and a soft insert.

Stretch material integrated between the fingers ensures mobility. The gloves are very comfortable to wear, and the padded balls provide additional comfort on the handlebars. Thumb and forefinger are touchscreen compatible. There are reinforced leather straps on the cuff for quick dressing. The unisex gloves are available in sizes S to XL.
Price: 50 euros.

Conclusion: The Chrome Midweight Cycling Gloves are very comfortable to wear. The fit is good, and the workmanship looks of high quality. The gloves keep you warm down to almost freezing point. The touchscreen operation works perfectly with both hands.

Vaude AM Moab Mid STX: Warm Feet Even in Winter

Best Cycling Clothing
© Isabel Weihermann – The AM Moab Mid STX are great cycling shoes, even in winter.

Admittedly, the selection of warm, waterproof bike shoes that are suitable for flat pedals is very small. The Vaude AM Moab Mid STX is such a candidate. High-cut and with good grip on the sole. Even on ice and snow, the grip is successful, and the running feeling is very pleasant.

The sole “sticks” to the pedal anyway. The shoe is held firmly on the foot thanks to the lacing and Velcro. The toe caps are reinforced, making the shoe suitable for MTB use. The Terracare leather on the outside and the 100% recycled Sympatex® membrane on the inside protect against the cold and wet.

This works quite well up to around 0 degrees. A Merino sock on the foot is still recommended in winter. Breathability is very good for a waterproof shoe. Speaking of waterproof, rain and snow have almost no chance. The AM Moab Mid STX is available in sizes 36 to 48 and costs 190 euros.

Conclusion: A really comfortable all-season shoe for fans of flat pedals. It keeps your feet nice and warm!

Those are some of the best cycling clothing from the accessories category selected by our editors, which are hopefully useful.

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